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toggle switch working principle and matters needing attention

button switch is a kind of manual control switch, which is mainly used for switching and breaking control of ac and dc power supply circuit. it has the characteristics of small size, easy operation and so on. it is a common switch in electronic equipment. we work together to understand and note the use of the working principle of a toggle switch.

the working principle, a toggle switch

in manual operation, the switch action can be divided into two stages. the first stage is to pull the handle to the center by hand, until the vertical position of the handle. at this time, the top part of the single slide block also moves closer to the middle until the middle position, and further compresses the pressure spring. after the handle is over the vertical position, the single slider moves rapidly in the other direction under the pressure of the pressure spring, and drives the handle to turn quickly. this is the second stage of the quick disengagement of the touch plate with the touch foot on the other side and the contact foot on the other side. at this time, the speed of contact separation is related to the pressure of the spring and the frictional force between the moving parts. the speed is very high. according to the test, the time from the contact to the reconnection is only about milliseconds, and the average speed is up to the old millimeter second. this speed is much faster than manual speed or motor test.

two, note the use of toggle switch

1. first, we should select suitable switches and connectors according to the conditions and functions.
2. switch, the rated voltage of the connector, and the current must have some allowance.
3. in order to contact reliably, there must be some allowance for the contact points of switches and the number of connectors, so that they can be used in parallel or standby.
4. try to choose the connector with location so as to avoid wrong insertion and cause trouble.
5. the connection and welding of contacts are reliable. in order to prevent breakage and short circuit, bushing protection should be added to the welding area.

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